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Tactical Laser Tag in Adrian Lenawee County Michigan

Popular Sport

Immersive gaming with realistic scenarios, layouts and equipment. Safer than airsoft or paintball games.

Skills Development

Develop teamwork, strategy and skills using realistic-looking laser tag weapons in various arena layouts.

Realistic Missions

Our intense game takes place in a military setting and is focused on 9 mission-style objectives using state-of-the-art metal, military-grade, red-dot scope laser tag weapons. Tactical laser tag, besides the incredibly realistic weaponry, involves combat simulations, role-play style games, and various precise and competitive goals.

Fowling Game Bowling with Footballs at Adrian Tactical in Michigan


Fowling pits two teams against each other, both competing to knock down all their opponent’s bowling pins using a full-sized, regulation NFL football.


Matches can be setup for singles or doubles play, as players use pin-point accurate passing to throw the football 48 feet to their opponent’s Fowling lane.

Fun for all ages

Really popular with the college crowds and a family-fun activity!

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